Concerto specifically offers 3 basic apartment configurations to suit a variety of requirements starting with 3 BHK apartments that cater to large families, 2 BHK apartments for a nuclear family and a Studio apartment that will serve the needs of a single working professional or even a couple.




1148sft Perfect for the Married Couple


476sft Apartment
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Occupation Certificate Awarded. ready to occupy.

On the 15th of July, 2014, We started a clock as a constant reminder of our promise to deliver on time. We are proud to state that we have indeed met that promise. Click the link below to see the detailed historic record of Construction Updates we maintained.

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democratized designfor everybody.

Every single apartment is based on a unified, modular grid. What this does is democratizes crucial aspects of design across all types of apartments. This includes the optimum planning of space within the apartment that yielded large blocks of usable space and an optimised movement spine for pedestrian traffic. So no matter what your apartment costs, you will benefit from the same pool of design value. This standardised approach radically benefits construction, enabling faster and higher quality results.

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Semi-outdoor spaces

Every apartment size effectively comes with the option of choosing one of three separate semi-outdoor spaces. You just need to choose the floor you want to stay on.

Gardens are only available on the Ground Floor.

Balconies are available from the 1st Floor to the 13th Floor.

Terraces are only available on the 14th Floor.

Get a feel of the Apartment


We've built a typical 3 BHK apartment and furnished it to give you an idea of what can possibly be accomplished in your own home. The Model Apartment is located at the site, within the on-site Marketing Office. Click here to see more.

Lets in the healthy sunlight and not the harsh kind.

Sunlight is at its harshest between noon to dusk and can drastically heat up an interior space. To negate this effect, we have ensured that the building opens out the least on the western side. All apartments face either the north, the east or the south, encouraging the percolation of healthy sunlight during the first half of the day.

KitchensMore room to cook in.

We have categorically focused on improving the usability of the kitchen. You’ll need to walk into one to know the difference. The kitchens at Concerto are 35% bigger than the prevalent industry standard. We have also managed to build in 50% more kitchen counter space by optimising the placement of the sink, the hob and the fridge.

  • 35% bigger kitchen
  • 50% more counter space

To further strengthen our commitment to optimising the kitchen, we will deliver your apartment with additional functionality in the kitchen, at no extra charge.

Your kitchen will come with a Granite counter top, a branded sink and optimally designed cabinets that are fitted with soft closing hardware.

The images above are an artist's impression of the kitchen. The additional appliances shown are not included. We will post updates here as our construction team finalises the exact models of Sink and Cabinet hardware.

  • Granite Top & Sink
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • No extra charge

Precision installed windows and doors.

There are more than 1597 windows and doors that will be installed to precision at Concerto. This is done by the use of custom designed jigs that are made for each type of opening. These jigs are first set in place and then the wall is built around it. This way the exact size of opening is maintained across the building. Resulting in a fit and finish that is otherwise hard to achieve. You can learn more about this precision installation process here.

Brightly lit corridors

Corridors in your home perform an essential role, but are often claustrophobic and dingy. We have incorporated large light vents in the bedroom walls that will naturally light the corridor. Even at night, when you step out of your bedroom, you will not walk into a dark corridor. The light from your bedroom will percolate through.

Supercharge your home

There are 3 add-on modifications that are possible.
* These modifications are no longer availability, as construction on Dasta Concerto is complete.

Convertible 3rd Bedroom

With an optional collapsible wall, the 3rd bedroom in your apartment can transform into an open, multi-functional space and in an instant revert to being a closed bedroom.

Interchangeable living and dining

By changing the electrical wiring positions, the usage of the Living and Dining spaces can be interchanged.

Optional multi-purpose space

You can configure your apartment to include a Pooja room or a Store room, or you can even opt to leave the space open.

SpecificationsMaterials, fittings and finishes.

We are constantly finding ways to improve Concerto at the DASTA Design Cell, certain aspects of the specifications, features, finishes and the planning can possibly undergo a few changes. We assure you that these changes will be improvements.


  • RCC Frame Structure
  • Concrete Solid Block Masonry


  • Internal Walls - Plastered and Painted Internal Emulsion ( Asian / Berger or equivalent make).
  • Exterior Walls - Painted with Apex / External Emulsion ( Asian / Berger or equivalent make ).
  • Bath Room - Ceramic Tiles up to a height of 7 feet.
  • Outer Boundary - Shall be provided with a compound wall with M.S.Gates to a suitable height.


  • Living & Dining Room - Vitrified Tiles ( 2’ x 2’) ( Nitco / Soriso or equivalent make).
    Upgrade : Living and Dining Room - Vitrified tiles manufactured in SACMI (Italy) machines using the tile printing technology ( 2’ x 2’) ( Nitco / Soriso / Sonex or equivalent make).
  • Master Bedrooms - Laminate Wooden Flooring With Wooden Skirting.
  • Bedrooms - Vitrified Tiles (2’ x 2') (Nitco / Soriso or equivalent make).
    Upgrade : Bedrooms - Vitrified tiles manufactured in SACMI (Italy) machines using the tile printing technology ( 2’ x 2’) ( Nitco / Soriso / Sonex or equivalent make).
  • Kitchen - Vitrified Tiles (2’ x 2’) (Nitco / Soriso or equivalent make).
    Upgrade : Kitchen - Vitrified tiles manufactured in SACMI (Italy) machines using the tile printing technology ( 2’ x 2’) ( Nitco / Soriso / Sonex or equivalent make).
  • Bath Room ( Master Bedroom ) - Ceramic Tiles ( 1’ x 1’ ) ( Simpolo / Nitco / Simola / Johnson or equivalent ).
  • Bath Room ( Others ) - Ceramic Tiles ( 1’ x 1’ ) ( Simpolo / Nitco / Simola or equivalent ).
  • Balconies - Matte Ceramic Tiles ( 1’ x 1’ ) ( Simpolo / Nitco / Simola or equivalent ).
    Upgrade : Balconies - Vitrified Tiles manufactured in SACMI (Italy) machines using the tile printing technology (1’ x 1’) (Nitco / Soriso / Sonex or equivalent make).
  • Skirting - As per the floor tiles ( 3’’ height ).


  • Windows - 3 Track powder coated aluminium framed windows with 4mm / 5mm clear float glass. Mosquito mesh in the master bedroom.
    Upgrade : Windows - 2.5mm thick UPVC frame with SS rollers and 6mm toughened glass and mosquito mesh in all the Bedrooms.
  • French Windows - 3 Track powder coated aluminium framed windows with 4mm / 5mm clear float glass and mosquito mesh.
    Upgrade : French Windows - 2.5mm thick UPVC frame with SS rollers and 6mm toughened glass.


  • Main / Entrance Door - Teak wood frame with flush shutter with veneer on both sides.
  • Other doors - Moulded Skin doors with paint / polish finish.
  • Hardware - All the doors have brass / stainless steel finish. The Main door will be provided with a night latch ( Godrej / Europa or equivalent make ).


  • Sanitary Fittings - Hindware / Simpolo / Cera or equivalent make, all in white color.
  • Wash Basin - Porcelain wash basin with Half Pedestal.
  • Floor Trap - Detachable PVC Floor trap with lid.
  • Faucets - Jaquar / Aquel or equivalent make.
  • Hot Water - A hot water connection will be provided to the shower


  • Counter Top - 19 MM Granite Counter Top provided.
  • Sink Cabinet & Caracas - Made of 16MM Marine Ply with Laminate
  • Cabinets Caracas - Made of 18 MM Particle Board
  • Laminate - 1 MM thick of Merino Brand or equivalent.
  • Shutters - MR Grade Plywood with 1 MM Lamination 4 sides edge Banded
  • Hinges - Hettich Brand or equivalent
  • Tandem - Hettich Brand or equivalent
  • Handles - Stainless Steel Brush Finish.
    Upgrade : Handles – End to end in Aluminum Matte Finish.
  • Stainless Steel Sink for Kitchen - Single Bowl sink (18” x 16”) without drain board provided in the Kitchen area. Franke Brand or equivalent
  • Stainless Steel Sink for Utility - Single Bowl sink (18” x 16”) without drain board provided in the utility area. Franke Brand or equivalent.


  • Wiring - Finolex/Anchor/havels or equivalent make concealed in 19mm diameter, 2 mm thick PVC Conduit pipes. The wiring for 5 amps point shall be of 3/22 rating copper wire. FRLS Provided.
  • Power - 4 KVA power per 2 BHK apartment and 5 KVA power per 3 BHK apartment provided.
  • Earthing - 1 / 18 copper wire will be used for earthing using a loop system. One earth leakage circuit breaker and MCB shall be provided in each apartment. A lighting arrester and earth pits shall be provided with separate points for each elevator.
  • Switches - Anchor / G.M / Gold Medal.
  • Meters - Each apartment will be provided with a separate meter located on the main board at the place allocated and MCB within the apartment.
  • Generator - A generator from Kirlosker / Greaves / Mahindra / Cummins or equivalent make will be provided. This will provide power for all light points and 5 amps socket up to a capacity of 1000 watts per apartment. A separate change over switch and MCB will be provided for the generator. The generators will also provide power to the elevators, pumps and common lighting areas.
  • Switch Points - Switch points, sockets, phone points and television points come as standard points included in the basic cost.
  • Other points in room - Cable TV, with a centralised single dish antenna on the terrace.


  • 2 SCHINDLER Elevators - 6 Passengers 8 Passengers & 15 Passengers with stainless-steel finished interiors and a downward collective system.


  • Internal Plumbing - Concealed plumbing will be medium class CPVC pipes, hot water plumbing will be heavy class pipes.
  • External Plumbing - Waste water pipes and storm water drains will be PVC Pipes.

Railings, Grills and Staircases

  • Grills & Railings - M.S Fabricated and painted with synthetic enamel after anti rust treatment.
  • Staircase - Matte Ceramic Tiles / Granite.
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