Design that enables construction.

Quality and speed are two nouns that rarely go together. However, achieving such a state of efficiency is possible. To enable faster, yet qualitative methods of construction, we need to start at the drawing board. Using specific design approaches, we have been able to create an aesthetic, functional space that enables the use of pre-engineering techniques and similar smart construction methods.





On the 15th of July, 2014. We started a clock as a constant reminder of our promise to deliver on time. On the 30th of June, 2016, 15 days ahead of schedule, we are proud to state that we have indeed met that promise.

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Functional Design

An assembly line approach

The unified, modular design grid empowers us to take an industrial, “assembly line” approach to the construction of Concerto. The standardised grid enables a repetitive cycle for construction workers to learn and implement on every consecutive floor, without the constant need for consultants to be present at every stage. Similarly to an industrial workflow, a QC team will constantly monitor the construction.

Grooves across the superstructure.

Tiny grooves run laterally at regular intervals across the main structure. These grooves make it possible to achieve a smooth and even plastering finish across a large surface area. It also makes it possible for contiguous plastering work to occur over time without effecting the overall finish.

Column-free multipurpose hall.

Creating a space that is truly multi-functional requires a highly usable carpet area. The Multipurpose hall has been engineered with structural elements that negate the need for any columns to obstruct the usability of the space.


Interlocking, modular Jali.

The most visual component of Concerto is entirely pre-engineered. The Jali covers 33% of the building and will be manufactured in a dedicated facility that will be setup in the neighbouring plot of land. These metal reinforced patterns are infused with a pigment during the moulding process which reduces the need for painting. Even if scratches occur, the underlying substrata is the same colour. Each unit is modular and is designed to interlock with each other to create various expanses of Jali.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, overhead cranes will carry the units straight to the location on the building where they need to be installed. This entire process reduces construction time and removes the possibility of delays in transit since it is manufactured in situ.

1597 precision installed windows and doors.

Custom-manufactured jigs are created for every unique door and window unit. All in all, there are 11 types of openings. These jigs are used to construct a clean, repeatable opening that will allow for the precise clearance required for a particular window or door. This enables a trouble-free installation of 1597 windows and doors that will save a lot of time as well as ensure a qualitative fit and finish.

883 Doors

252 sliding Doors

462 windows

Smart construction

In-house construction team.

The construction of Concerto will be carried out by our in-house construction team. This vertical integration empowers us to cross-innovate between design and construction. Any R&D carried out by our construction team is brought to the table during the design phase, enabling us to incorporate new workflows and practices that will speed up and enhance quality across the construction process.

collocated construction yard.

The benefits of manufacturing all pre-engineered components on site are endless. It reduces our reliance on road transport and helps us deliver the project on time.

Optimised construction equipment.

Customised shuttering sheets made specifically to cater to Concerto's grid will speed up construction and ensure a smooth finish on all concrete structures.

We have invested in Custom Jack Poles that can extend to lengths beyond the industry standard. This need-based investment was required to meet the construction requirements of the basement at Concerto which is taller than most basements.

Captive power.

The construction process is 100% non reliant on the power grid. Captive power generated on site will reduce the downtime that often occurs when connected to the grid.

Proximity to RMC plants.

Concerto is located approximately 1km away from 2 of the industries leading concrete plants. This reduces our logistical requirements drastically as well as shortens transportation time.

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