Your 1st home as a young couple, a cozy 2BHK on Sarjapur Main road.

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At Dasta Concerto, for some reason, we’ve attracted a large number of young families who have moved in. 90 Families have comfortably moved into the building. Rising 15 storeys into the air, the tower has 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments. They range in cost between 59 lakhs and 88 lakhs.

15min drive from wipro sarjapur campusConcerto is located on the sarjapur main road.

Importantly, Concerto is also located roughly 20 - 25 minutes away from Whitefield, Electronic City and the Sarjapur - Outer Ring Road Junction. The exact street address is Sy. No. 55/2B, Yamare Village,Sarjapura Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Sarjapura Main Road,Bangalore - 562125.

Concerto overlooks 50 acres of a naturally occurring bamboo grove. This green vegetation is part of Sompura Lake that is behind the property. Being government protected land, this view is preserved and will ideally never change. The photograph of the bamboo grove below, was taken from the 4th floor.

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Occupation Certificate Awarded. ready to occupy.

On the 15th of July, 2014, We started a clock as a constant reminder of our promise to deliver on time. We are proud to state that we have indeed met that promise. Click the link below to see the detailed historic record of Construction Updates we maintained.

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basic price 59 Lakhs

JaliA fusion of elegance and strength.

The most iconic component on the building is the Jali. With an elegant lace-like texture, this architectural element has its roots in Indian Architecture. Its purpose is not purely aesthetic. It also satisfies 2 additional design requirements.

It replaces elaborately painted MS railings that are prone to rust, reducing the cost of ongoing maintenance. The Precast Concrete Jali and simple Mild Steel handrail together ensures the right level of safety on all balconies.

  • Aesthetic Value
  • Structurally Secure
  • Maintenance Benefit

GroundsExpansive, safe and green.

The dual requirement of easing vehicular movement and ensuring the safety of pedestrians is met by broad maneuverable driveways and a defined grass-paved jogging track. This track also doubles up as a buffer between the ground floor apartments and the driveway while helping the building meet fire department standards. The grounds also include a Tree Avenue that hugs the driveway and a large landscaped zone on the eastern side.

  • 150offset from road
  • 26driveway

basementSpacious, well-lit and airy.

The basement is well-ventilated with multiple inlets for natural light. Two separate ramps service the entry and exit of the basement. Both these ramps are 26 feet in width and lead to an 18 feet driveway within the basement.

The 18 feet driveways in the basement offer ample space to perform a Reverse-Two-Point parking manouver with ease, everytime.

  • 9clear height
  • 26ramps
  • 18basement driveway

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High quality water at a lower maintenance cost

Concerto's water management system is one of the more complex design problems we have solved. It delivers a higher quality of water than standard systems. A central water softening plant conditions a variety of different water sources and pipes soft water to all taps. Drinking water is conditioned in a centralised RO and piped to every kitchen, reducing the cost and the need for any personal water purifier.

All standard systems recycle flush water (black water) by mixing it with grey water, we don't. We discard flush water. Our recycled water is clear and odourless and had been Certified by DVGW & NSF for domestic use.

  • Odourless recycled water
  • Flush water not recycled
  • Certified by DVGW & NSF
  • 55% savings on maintenance





Dasta Concerto

No Softening Plant
Water is not softened

Hard water causes scaling in pipes, negatively affects human skin and causes hairfall.

No Reverse Osmosis Plant
Water is not purified

Home owners need to
install personal RO units.

Drinking Water Swimming Pool Kitchen Bathroom Car Wash Landscaping Toilet Chlorine Treatment
Dispose Sewage Treatment
No Recycling Plant
Not safe for humans

STP treated water carries a bad odour and contains harmful pathogens and chemicals.

Softening Plant
Soft and potable water

Reduces scaling in pipes and therefore reduces maintenance cost

Reverse Osmosis Plant
Central RO Unit

Home owners don’t need to
install personal RO units

Drinking Water Swimming Pool Kitchen Bathroom Car Wash Landscaping Toilet Sewage Treatment
Dispose Chlorine Treatment
Recycling Plant
Safe for humans

Clear, odourless organically treated water. Certified by DVGW & NSF.

optional *

* A central optional valve will deliver the recycled water to the Kitchen and the Bathroom. This can be turned on with a collective decision by the apartment association to increase the savings accrued with recycling.

 Harvested Water
7,280 L
7,442 L
Borewell Harvested Water
7,280 L
7,280 L
Rainwater Harvested Water
0 L
162 L
 Recycled Water
6,750 L
10,542 L
Grey Water Recycled
5,100 L
10,200 L
Black Water Recycled
1,800 L
0 L
Pool Water Recycled
0 L
342 L
Recycled Water Wasted
-150 L
0 L
Black Water (Flush Water) is mixed with Grey Water and treated in a STP. This water isn't fit for reuse in kitchens or sinks and showers.
Grey water isn't mixed with Black Water in our treatment plant. Reuse high quality recycled water in kitchens, bathroom sinks & showers and save on tanker water requirement.
Recycling Plant Efficiency
40 %
80 %
Tanker Water Purchased
9,971 L
6,017 L
Total Water Required
*160 litres x 5 people ( 2BHK ) x 30 days = 24,000 Litres
 Tanker Water Cost
Borewell Harvested Water
Change the cost of a tanker (6000 litres)
 Water Purification Cost
RO Consumables
RO Power
STP Consumables
Softening Consumables
Grey Water Consumable
Human Operator Cost
STP & Recycling Plant Power
Standard STPs consume ~110 Units of power a month. They also need a specialized human operator for its general maintenance.
Our Grey Water treatment plant and our STP plant is smaller and more efficient. Hence, they consume much lesser power. With minimal training, a security personal can be doubled up to handle the general maintenance operations.
 Equipment Upkeep Cost
Maintenance Cost (2% of CapEx)
Replacement of Sanitary Fixtures
Hard water and STP by-products can cause scaling of internal pipes and sanitary equipment.
Our centralized Softening Plant uses Nano Technology, whose yield is free of corrosion causing by-products.
Cost of personal RO
Apart from the initial investment on individual RO units, their regular usage consumes more power and requires high maintenance.
Our centralized RO plant consumes less power and cumulatively has lesser maintenance costs.
Total Cost

Beautiful and opulent common spaces.

From the exterior of the building to its interiors, Concerto aims to emulate a five star experience. Residents will be greeted by a double height Lobby equipped with a Reception and a Waiting Area. Every apartment will enjoy expansive corridors. In terms of privacy, none of the apartments look on to each other and a majority of the units have a private entry.

  • 2 High-speed elevators (1 stretcher sized)
  • 7’ wide corridors
  • 100% Lighting power backup
  • LED Lighting for Common Area
  • 85 CCTV Cameras

100% Vastu compliant

The entire SITE has been Layed out to comply with the prerequisites of Vastu.



A vibrant, communal space with a view.

The clubhouse is located at the extreme end of the property, ideally placed to enthral residents with the best view of the Bamboo Grove. This community zone is equipped with all necessary amenities and features.

  • Amphitheatre
  • Jogging Track
  • Swimming Pool
  • Elder Zone
  • LandScape Area For Community Gathering
  • Gym With Steam Room
  • Column Free Multipurpose Hall
  • Lush Green Landscape Area With Kids' Play Area

easy maintenance

Efficiently designed to reduce upkeep.

The entire facade of the building has no horizontal surfaces like ledges or exposed beams. This prevents birds from nesting and thereby eliminates the maintenance hassles that come with bird droppings.

  • 100% LED Lighting uses less electricity
  • No exposed MS (mild steel) railings to attract rust
  • high quality exterior paint will preserve the building from the elements
  • Centralized Dish TV

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